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Laboratory Facilites become more Complex every year.- Does your Laboratory Operations and Maintenance Staff have the tools and knowledge to maximize their contribution to it's Safe, Reliable and Least Cost operation?

A recent study showed that 75% of respondents, consisting of owners, facility managers and O&M staff, felt that Training of the O&M management team and staff would improve their ability to provide the services for which they are responsible.

The US Department of Energy has stated:

"Good maintenance practices can generate substantial energy savings and should be considered a resource. Moreover, improvements to facility maintenance programs can often be accomplished immediately and at a relatively low cost."

As the criteria for the Operation and Maintenance of labs evolves, consider the implications of the following change:


The new ANSI Z9.5 standard revises the minimum exhaust volume for a chemical fume hood. Previously the standard was 25CFM/sqft of fume hood work surface. The new ANSI Z9.5 standard is 150 - 375 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) within the fume hood.

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