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    Lab Specialists offers a selection of New-Tech products including custom fume hoods, down draft tables, slot exhausters and spot exhauseters which are also known as "snorkels". Feel free to call us at 541-336-1310 if you have any questions or would like more information concerning our product offerings.

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      Custom Fume Hoods

      With over 45 years of experience designing, building and installing laboratory casework and fume hoods has taught us that “mass produced†fume hoods do not always properly fit around laboratory equipment. New-Tech™ Custom Fume Hoods can be designed with a variety of options.

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    • Down Draft Tables

      Down Draft Tables

      New-Tech™ patented Down Draft Tables are designed to contain gases and particulate down into the chamber. The Down Draft Table takes advantage of the differences in air density to let the heavier than air gases to fall into the trough, where it can be easily contained and exhausted.

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    • Slot Exhauster

      Slot Exhausters

      New-Tech™ Slot Exhausters are ideal for containing odoriferous or low hazardous material. Slot Exhausters are available from 6 inch to 12 feet wide in either Epoxy Painted Steel, several types of Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel

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    • Snorkel / Spot Exhauster


      When low pressure loss spot exhaust is needed and a separate high pressure exhaust system is out of the question, the New-Tech™ Flexible Spot Exhauster can provide the adjustability and containment needed on laboratory benches.

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