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Lab O&M Training & Consulting

Laboratory Specialists offers training and consulting services for Laboratory Operations and Maintenance personnel.

Is your O&M crew truly in service to the mission of your laboratory?  
Is there full cooperation between your O&M crew and the laboratory staff?
How can your facility operations reduce your lab's energy costs?

Our training is specific to the laboratory related equipment and subjects, Our training stresses Safety - for both the O&M staff and the laboratory personnel.

Areas of Coverage included in our Training:

  • Communications, Relationships, Teamwork
  • Working in a working lab
  • Lab O&M contribution to  EHS
  • Lab O&M contribution to lab quality assurance
  • Laboratory Building Management Systems
  • Vacuum Systems, bottled gases, lab refrigerators
  • Flammables, Acids and Corrosives Storage
  • Chemical Fume Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Conserving Energy without compromising Safety
  • An introduction to the latest laboratory facility energy conserving devices
             and the knowledge to determine which are appropriate to your facility. ..

Our training does NOT include general building operations and maintenance such as boiler and chiller operation, pump maintenance, etc.:


Please contact us at (541) 336-1310

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